Badges & Activities


  • Radio and Communication Activities
  • Knots and Pioneering Activities
  • Map and Compass Activities
  • Astronomy Activities
  • Hike(s)
  • International Spirit Award
  • Opportunity for AOLs to work with Troops
  • Tiger Elective Adventure: Sky is the Limit (if camping)
  • AOL: Building a Better World, req. 10.d

There will be several activities open during the day, all the stations that are also open to Scouts BSA will also have Cub Scout level programming, including knots, maps and compass, leave no trace. The Learning Center is also open the weekend of JOTA, as are the trails. Remember this weekend is designed to have fun together- so fill your day however you feel it will be best used.


  • Radio Merit Badge
  • Astronomy Merit Badge
  • Pioneering Merit Badge
  • Orienteering Merit Badge
  • Signs, Signals and Codes Merit Badge
  • Citizenship in the World Merit Badge, req. 7.c, 7.e
  • Hike(s)
  • International Spirit Award
International Sprit Award Workbook.pdf
JOTA Activity Booklet.pdf